Clark Art Works

A small store with my original hand painted art pieces and selected art for Print On Demand Products.  All products are listed by categories for easy navigation to the catalog. From a computer, to see more pictures of the same product click on all pictures in the same category.   From a cell phone, to see more pictures of a product tap on the picture and swipe left.  To see my contact information scroll to the bottom of the page.

Why Choose Me?

 I am an artist at heart. It all started  when I was a young girl who was interested in watching my father draw pictures and portraits from a mail order catalog company back around the year 1968 at the age of 12. In my early school years I always chose the art classes and my teachers liked the way I drew the trees.  So my parents decided to send me to a private art teacher.  After that time I was painting on my own and gave them away to friends and family.  My  paintings are unique in a way that reflects the old school way of painting in the layering and blending of colors, but with added  texturing from the paint.  The technique is seen in paintings of today.                                                         

About Me

Susan Clark

store owner

My name is Susan Rousseau being my maiden name for those who don't know me as Susan Clark. I started very young, painting pictures of different types getting my know how in art classes from school and private lessons. But it was not until I retired from my full time employments that I had the opportunity to build my art business. After all an artist will soon run out of space to store his or her art work.  

Beside being an Artist , I also enjoy workouts, walking exercises, playing music on the Keyboard and flower gardening. 

But last but not least I love spending time with my Grandchild Theo and my family.